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Welcome to the Adrian Janson Publishing web-site!  We hope that you will find this web-site to be useful to you.  Please feel free to leave some feedback via the 'Contact Us' link above and check back often for new materials and news. 

About Us

Adrian Janson Publishing is where you will find publications, information and educational material specifically designed for use in Secondary School Information Technology classrooms.

About this site 

All parts of this site are open, but to access the Resource Library, you must create a user account.  Doing so is completely free but allows me keep you up to date with new resources that I add or updates that I make to the site.  It also allows me to keep track of what resources are being downloaded and who might be interested in them (which will in turn help me to produce more!).  A user account may also give you access to newer features as they are added.



Which programming language do you use the most in class?